Condo & Apartment Plumbing

Broward FL Condo & Apartment Plumbing Service 

​​If you need plumbing repairs in your condo or apartment unit, that are not covered by another body like an HOA or property management company, you will be very pleased you chose Davie Plumbing and Supply.

Unlike other plumbing companies, that can't or won't help residents in units, Davie Plumbing and Supply ate the experts - selected by Home Owner Associations, Condominium Owners Associations and property management companies all across Broward County. Not only will you get professional and experienced workmanship, you can also rely on a level of service that is second-to-none.

Davie Plumbing and Supply's experience in dealing with condos and condo associations is evident in how quickly they are able to trace the source of leaks from one unit to the other and determine whether the problem is in the common area or not. Davie Plumbing and Supply knows multi-story plumbing comstruction methods and repair, including supply side, waste lines and roof damage inside out. 

If your condo is in an older building, a newer building, if it is being remodeled or newly constructed, Davie Plumbing and supply should be your first choice for professional plumbers throughout Broward County.

Broward County's finest. Call us at: 954-434-7477