Residential Water Heaters

Davie Plumbing and Supply is South Florida's best choice, for replacement, residential water heaters or water heater repair. Whether you prefer a traditional tank type water heater, a space saving tankless water heater, the energy efficient hybrid heat pump, water heaters or solar heating systems.

Davie Plumbing and Supply at: 954-434-7477, is your go-to, plumbing company. 

Our plumbing services offer the following, when it comes to residential water heaters:

​Standard Tank Type Water Heater - Offered in sizes from 20 gallon to 120 gallon capacity, fueled by electric or gas. Energy Efficient ratings up to over 85%, for electric models. 

Tankless Type Water Heaters - ​Tankless residential water heaters offered in various sizes, for a wide variety of homes and most commercial applications, fueled by electric or gas. Energy Efficient ratings up to 95% and higher for electric models. Some ENERGY STAR Tax credits may be available for gas models. 

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters - The most energy efficient Tax Credit models, for residential water heaters, with an energy rating of 2.0. 

Solar Water Heaters - Complete installation, repair or replacement of Solar Water Heater components. 

Pool Heaters - Available in gas or Energy Efficient, Electric, Heat Pump models

Looking to change residential water heaters; or how your home or business makes hot water?

Let the professional experts at Davie Plumbing and Supply discuss your options. 

Remember a family of four can use as much as 2,500 gallons of hot water each month. We will help you select the right water heater, to meet your budget and lifestyle. Choose from conventional, residential water heaters or tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters guarantee you'll never run out of hot water again. Plus, the newest models of residential water heaters last longer and are more efficient. They'll actually put money back into your pocket!

Davie Plumbing and Supply has been helping folks, in South Florida, with residential water heaters and all other plumbing needs, since 1977. Just call us at: ​954-434-7477