Toilet Stoppages

Fixing Toilet Stoppages 24 Hours a Day

It's nobody's idea of fun - but when toilets get blocked someone has to clear the stoppage. When it's completely blocked up, and you really can't clear it, you obviously need professional plumbers to give you a hand. In Broward County, FL that means Davie Plumbing and Supply. 

With rapid response and competitive rates, you can rely on Davie Plumbing and Supply to help you with a level of service that is second-to-none. Doing nothing, when having a blocked toilet, means that pathogens may be spreading throughout your home or business. Don't put yourself or others at risk. Call Davie Plumbing and Supply, from anywhere in Broward County. We will respond quickly and efficiently fix your problem.

Davie Plumbing and Supply is fully licensed and insured, sending only fully trained professional plumbers into your home or business. Call us today at 954-434-7477